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A Friendly Reminder...May 2018



May 2, 2018

Just a friendly little reminder...


Happy May 2018 Esprit Homeowners!


As we prepare for Summer and another month, the board would like to remind you of a few items.


There have been a variety of complaints, which need to be addressed. 


If you rent your unit, please make sure your renters are also informed and post a copy of the Rules & Regulations in your unit. Owners will be held accountable for the conduct of their renters and subject to fines for their violation of CCRs/Rules and Regulations.




To keep the Esprit complex looking great, and a great place to be; we need to be mindful of our CCRs/Rules & Regulations... and respectful of common rules and decency. We are all in this together – let’s be good neighbors.




PLEASE...Bag all garbage.


Put garbage in the garbage container, and recycle in the recycle container.

The dumpsters have lids which are not toss the bags over the gate, walk around to the inside of the enclosure and place your bagged garbage or recyclables into the appropriate dumpster.


If the dumpsters are full in one spot ...use another dumpster – we have many... do not pile it up outside the bin…it causes MANY problems and creates added expense for all owners.


Do not store garbage on your porch/patio.

Large items... call for pickup.


No illegal dumping… dumpsters are for use of Esprit current owners and renters and are not for commercial dumping…contractors need to dump at an approved commercial dumpsite. Make sure you tell your contractors and handymen they may not dump construction debris in the dumpsters. 


Break down your boxes and place them in the recycle dumpster…not piled up inside the enclosure.


Neighbors... please report violators to management – this includes contractors observed dumping in Esprit dumpsters.





No Glass.

No Smoking.

No Amplified Music.

No Pets Allowed.

Please keep gate closed.


Neighbors... please report violators to management.




PLEASE.... Keep pets on leash at all times... for their safety and everyone else.


Pick up pet refuse... and place in the garbage bin in the garbage and recycle areas. Garbage cans at mailboxes are not intended for pet waste. 


Neighbors... please report violators to management.




PLEASE… Display your decal and provide renters with a parking tag.  These can be obtained through DRM.


No recreational vehicles allowed…including campers.


A reminder: architectural approval is required for ANY EXTERIOR MODIFICATIONS AND MAY NOT BE MADE TO COMMON AREAS. 


This includes: painting, planting, air conditioners, satellite dishes and antennas, modification of patio, irrigation systems, etc.


When in doubt, please contact management- Rose Reyes - or Kevin Camarillo -


CCRs/Rules & Regulations posted at




Rose Reyes, CCAM® ,CMCA®, AMS®,

Community Association Manager

Posted by Esprit HOA on 05/04/2018
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