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Homeowner Notebook - Now Available!

Beginning January 2019, we will provide new owners a "Welcome to Esprit" binder with association documents to guide them through their new purchase.  The binder will provide answers to questions many new homeowners have and forms that will help them get off to a smooth start.

UPDATE:  Due to COVID restrictions, the physical binder is not currently available.  However, all documents are in pdf form under this section of the website or elsewhere as indicated in the pertinent section.  The binder will also be available for purchase to any owner for the current cost to produce - initially $20.  We will make the binder available at our regular and annual meetings.  You may also access all documents contained in the binder through this website.  The following is an index of documents in the binder if you would like to print for your own reference:



Meeting Info


Responsibility Matrix

Emergency Contact Form

Pet Owner Reminder

Recycling Information

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Esprit What’s Happening Newsletter

Second Story Floor Surface Rules

Architectural Application

Application for Air Conditioner Installation

Application Satellite Dish/Antenna Installation

Approved Screen Doors

Enforcement Procedure

Esprit Second Restated Bylaws

Esprit Second Restated CCRs


Posted by Esprit HOA on 01/24/2019
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